Tami Pan / タミパン

70 years ago, the current OIGEN president’s grandmother Tami used to bake bread in a duralumin pan which has since been remade in Nambu Tekki cast iron.

Mix the ingredients, pour them into the buttered pan, place on the stove top and cook on low heat for 20 minutes. A sweet aroma will start to rise. Turn off the heat, open the lid and you will be greeted by a golden donut-shaped loaf of soft, mild tasting bread.

his bread pan has become one of OIGEN’s best-sellers and is known around Japan as ‘Tami Pan’.

Tami Pan / タミパン

Bread Maker


Bread Maker Classic


Yaki Yaki Grill / 焼き焼きグリル

This distinctive grilling pan has an undulating pattern on the cooking surface and comes in four sizes.

The undulations effectively trap heat, making it especially suited to grilling.It is designed for use in the fish grill that comes standard with most gas stoves in Japan, but can also be used directly on the stove top.

The Yaki Yaki Grill comes with a wooden stand so it can be taken straight to the table. Steaks can be cut directly on the scratch-resistant grill plate.



Slim 2set




Dosshiri Deep


naked pan / ネイキッドパン

The ‘naked’ pan was developed with the goal of creating a sustainable product that is better for the environment and your health.

Most cast iron pans, if not cared for properly, will soon start to rust. Until now, enamel or other coatings were thought to be the only way to prevent this.However, at OIGEN we developed a new method called the ‘naked finish’. Heating the pan to a high temperature during the firing process creates a rust-resistant surface, eliminating the need for artificial coatings.

With no coating to interfere with heat transfer, the food is cooked at high temperature, sealing in the flavor and goodness. A little oil goes a long way in the naked pan, making it not only easy to use, but easy to care for too. The naked series are truly premium cast iron products.

Vegetables cooked at high temperature are sweeter and tastier, as the moisture and flavor are sealed inside.Naked pans are especially appreciated by vegetarians, who want to get the most out of their vegetables.

Frying Pan 24cm

NakedPan 片手24㎝ 深さ4㎝

Frying Pan 24cm

NakedPan 両手24㎝ 深さ4㎝

Oval Pan 34.5 x 28cm

NakedPan Oval Pan 34.5×28㎝


NakedPan Wok 30cm

Palma / パルマ

The OIGEN Palma series was developed in collaboration with world-renowned product designer Jasper Morrison. Simple, beautiful ironware is great to use in the kitchen, but can also add a nice accent to the dining table. The unique design of the Palma iron kettle meant it couldn’t be made with existing techniques. OIGEN developed a new production method to make the most of the unique design. Jasper’s designs create traditional Japanese details with beautiful silhouette lines, resulting in products that enhance modern spaces.



Grill Pan 27cm

グリルパン 27cm

Frying Pan 24cm

フライパン 24cm

Spice Container


Teapot Stand


Plate Oval W134 x D90

プレート W134×D90

Plate Round φ150

プレート φ150



SHA RA KU MONO / シャラクモノ

The SHA RA KU MONO series is designed by renowned product designer Komin Yamada. Handles extending beautifully from the pan and stainless-steel lids give a light, modern feel. Komin summed up the SHA RA KU MONO series with these words, “You can’t make ironware any better than this.” At OIGEN, we have made exhausted our ingenuity to make these beautiful pans that are especially popular overseas.

Casserole Small 21cm

キャセロールS 21cm

Casserole Large 21cm

キャセロールL 21cm

Sauce Pan 21cm

ソースパン 21cm

Casserole 26cm

キャセロール 26cm

Grill Pan 26cm

グリルパン 21cm 蓋なし

k.i.w.a / 際

The k.i.w.a series from graphic designer Yoshifumi Kohyama. Ironware with wind, rain and wave motifs inspired by nature. This series manages to soften the intrinsic properties of ironware such as weight and hardness with beautiful natural patterns.

The product of your desires. You are looking at a saucepan. It is a utensil for boiling water and cooking. But if that saucepan was bright red, it might look nice with flowers in it.By changing your perspective, a saucepan can soon become a flower planter. With this in mind, even a spoon could become a small planter. If that sight creates a smile,then we will smile too.That’s the spirit behind K.i.w.a designs. Let intuition speak for your heart.









Kettles & Tea Pots / 鉄瓶 鉄急須

Iron kettles that were first made in Iwate 300 years ago have become known as Nambu Tekki, and since its inception, people far and wide have fallen in love with the delicious water boiled in these kettles.

Water boiled in iron kettles becomes soft and tastes good even when cooled. Outside of Japan, they are especially popular in other tea growing countries such and China and Taiwan and are recently gaining popularity in western countries due to a new appreciation of delicious water.

Iron tea pots are coated with enamel on the inside to prevent rust even if tea is left in them. Customers are delighted by the Japanese touch they give to the room, saying “You can feel the spirit of Japan just by having this teapot on the table.”

Kangetsu Arare 1.85L


Kangetsu Arare 1.2L


Maromi Arare 0.65L


Maromi Arare 0.35L


Chigusa 0.25L


Chigusa 0.55L


Trivets / 瓶敷

With OIGEN’s production methods, it’s possible to make ironware with beautiful and intricate lines, such as these trivets. While these products were developed to protect tabletops from hot kettles and pots, they are also gaining popularity as decorations. Many people give trivets as gifts, and some restaurants even display them on walls.

Konoha Leaf




Hamon Wave