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Cafe&living Uchida


A short walk down the back streets from JR Mizusawa Station, you will find a trendy café. The friendly staff, lead by the charismatic owner and creator, have worked together to create a pleasant space in what was once an art supply store.


What’s unique about this café is that it offers onsite daycare, complete with trained staff.
The second floor houses an exhibition of the owner’s antiques, and the third floor, which is usually office space, is regularly used to host events.


A curry lunch is prepared by the lovely female chef. Enjoy a scone afterwards for desert.

Address: 1-5-35 Mizusawa Odori, Oshu City
Phone: 0197-47-4158
Access: 20-minute drive from the OIGEN Factory Shop, east side of JR Mizusawa Station
Hours: 10am-5pm
Closed: Sundays and Mondays, and occasional other days
Payment: Cash only. Credit cards not accepted

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